Index of Late Tapestries (middle 1985)

All currently known paintings of this series are cataloged in approximate chronological order. Information shown: title, date, medium, dimensions in inches (vertical x horizontal), collection and location.


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The Time That Doesn't Wait [late state], c. 1985, mixed media on canvas, 79 x 58, center: Collection of Roberto Hernández, San Juan, Puerto Rico, surrounding panels: whereabouts unknown

The Illusion of Eternity [Estate title], c. 1985, mixed media on panel, c. 70 x 80, whereabouts unknown

Landscape with Saint John the Baptist, 1985, mixed media on panel, 96 x 96, El Museo del Barrio, New York, Gift of New York National Bank

Squid, 1985, mixed media on panel, 79 x 65, Collection of Martin Haggland, New York (hereafter noted "MH")

N.G.C. (New Galaxy Cataloged), 1985, mixed media on canvas, 80 x 132, center: Galería Matices, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, left and right panels: whereabouts unknown

Arc (K), 1985, mixed media on panel, 94 x 124, MH

Destructure, c. 1985, mixed media on paper, 28 x 22, MH. [This entry duplicates that of the Index of Mature Works on Paper. It appears here for the reader's convenience.]


End of Index of Late Tapestries