A Healing Garden
Martin Haggland, Curator, 1999

Speaking about The Visitors and A Healing Garden, Collazo said:

"...I was reading about visualizations, and I knew someone, a close friend who passed away, several friends who passed away, and the last one was a cancer patient and I was thinkin' -- I read a lot about the people meditating and visualizing and helping to ah have their illnesses go into remission. So, I was thinking along these lines and I was reading, and I had listened to this tape about meditating and visualizations; and when I listened to this tape it was like everything was up in space, in the air and in the light. And they talked about this beautiful white light, and it's a healing light. And this gave me great inspiration for my paintings; I thought 'Oh, this sounds beautiful' and I wanted to have a place like that so people would look at my painting and say 'Oh this is a beautiful, peaceful place I can sit down and meditate', and feel this wonderful warm light, healing light...."

In that spirit, this exhibition is presented.

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